Why choose magic

In 2014, a survey was conducted in bridal magazine involving over a 1000 brides asking them to look back on their weddings. Almost 90% percent agreed that they wished they had spent more on entertainment during their wedding. You see wedding entertainment is often overlooked which is sad, since it’s what creates lasting memories. Without it the wedding may seem boring and bland; there isn’t anything to fill the long waits and awkward down times that usually exist at weddings. Yet people will spend many thousands of dollars on decorations and venues that no one will remember.

Here are a few ways in which magic can help brighten up a wedding reception!

Magic helps bring people together

One big problem weddings face is that a lot of people are brought together who don’t normally talk and getting them to do activities together or getting them to relax is a little hard since they don’t have any shared experiences. A skilled Magician helps alleviate this by providing fun entertainment that is not only engaging but gets people talking. To strangers have just experienced the impossible and now they have a shared experience that they can talk about that not everyone gets to experience in person. I mean what more can you ask for.

It Eliminates down time

Another huge benefit of having a pro at your wedding is eliminating down time. You see Magic is mysterious, so not only does it have the ability to entertain but it helps build suspense. Once people know a magician is in the crowd, they have something to look forward to and to talk about So down time doesn’t become as pronounced. As an added bonus, if any technical difficulties arise, a good magician is able to adapt their show to help fill those times so that they become invisible.

You will Get better photos

So, you decide to invest in photography and videography but getting people to act natural during this process can be difficult. Nothing gets people distracted and smiling like magic. We have all seen how having a camera moving through a crowd can get people to be a little too self-aware. As soon as people start thinking about the fact there on camera it seems ten times more difficult to get those awesome natural looking shots. But now no one will even notice when they are getting their picture taken. With years of experience, it’s easy for a pro to get people to drop their guard which is perfect for getting those natural looking photos everyone dreams of.



Nothing is more unique then magic

after all its estimated that only 1 out of every 180000 people are a magician. and of those it’s an even smaller percent that perform regularly, This means there are people in the world who will never get to see a magician in person.

 The fact is if you’re looking for something that’s truly unique there’s nothing better than magic.


So why choose me?

Well for one I have over 8 years of experience. I also have performed hundreds of shows and have all 5-star reviews.

There are not many professionals who perform at weddings and many who do just provide a show with no deeper meaning. My show is designed and scripted to celebrate marriage and human connection. And because I believe in these things, I will always bring 100% of my effort to making your wedding the best it can be.

Who Is Taylor Kyle

Taylor grew up as a small town boy set on following his dream to help share the power of magic with the world. As a kid, Taylor was adopted by his two loving parents, Sandee and Richard, who helped teach him the importance of hard work. Even in the face of losing everything in the Covid-19 pandemic, Taylor decided he would never give up. And now, Taylor can help make your dream of having a truly unforgettable wedding a reality through the magic of human connection. Taylor's magic focuses on giving you and your guests the power to experience the art in your own hands- up close and personal- giving your wedding a sense of mystery and wonder. 

Taylor is one of the best!

Don't take our word for it, see what others say!

Taylor entertained at our company party recently. We all enjoyed his performance and were very impressed with his magic tricks! He involved audience members and drew us all in... read more

Sarah Pelton Avatar Sarah Pelton
August 29, 2022

He was booked for a company party. He was not a waste of time or money! His up in your face magic was fun and entertaining and he will hypnotize... read more

Chris Royse Avatar Chris Royse
August 22, 2022

Taylor did a great job at our 5 year anniversary for our softball team. We had a party of 35 people, he interacted with (everybody) the kids loved him, and... read more

Matthew Meek Avatar Matthew Meek
December 12, 2021

Positive: Value came to a work event and it was very entertaining! would recommend!

Sean Murphy Avatar Sean Murphy
November 20, 2021

Positive: Professionalism ,  Value really professional and captivated the audience! did some crazy magic tricks i’ve never seen before!

Katie Simonson Avatar Katie Simonson
November 20, 2021

Positive: Professionalism ,  Quality ,  Responsiveness ,  Value Taylor was great. We had him come out for an event for our apartment complex lease launch event.... read more

Darion Huntley Avatar Darion Huntley
November 20, 2021

Awesome show and a definite crowd pleaser!

Abigail Avatar Abigail
November 20, 2021

Positive: Quality ,  Value Really awesome and interactive magic tricks! Had everybody at the party super entertained with a ton of tricks up his sleeve, literally.

Dekota Bramsche Avatar Dekota Bramsche
November 20, 2021

Past Clients

Here are a few companies that have hired Taylor before. You can hire him as well.

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How I ensure excellent service

As a full time magician, I make sure that your event is top priority. I do this by devoting my entire day to your event. This allows me to be in peak performance and ensures that I am always on time. It also allows me to be more flexible and fit my services to your needs. This way, if there is any down time or technical difficulties, I can help alleviate them by bringing you and your guests' attention away from them.