Award Wining Motivational Magic

>>>>What if ?<<<<

What if, with nothing more than a snap of your fingers, you could be the best version of yourself, achieve all of your dreams, and be happy with yourself. Would you take it? Of course you would. But here is an interesting experiment. What if I told you that you could wish for one thing right now and I would give it to you. What would you wish for? It could literally be anything and it would happen. Here's the thing. I bet that most of you couldn't think of just one thing. That is the problem. We as humans are very indecisive and making a decision is not always easy. Neither is getting what we want. But this is not always true. We have all noticed that some people seem to break the rules. It's as if they are just more naturally driven and more easily get what they want out of life. How can this be? Are they blessed? Magical? In short, the answer is "no", they are neither. Thankfully, science shows us that a lot has to do with actions. It's true that there is some luck involved, but luck is a game of statistics and even this can be altered. This is something I have learned during the last 8 years of my own life while exploring the ancient secrets of the mystery arts. I have discovered how and why we as humans take actions. Now you and your teams can learn from the secrets of misdirection, the power of hypnosis, and my deep knowledge of human desire, habits, and motivation. This is information guaranteed to help you and your clients. Over the last few years, I have been working with groups and individuals from many different companies and organizations sharing information that I have gleaned while preforming and running my own business. During this time, I have had the chance to meet and talk with professionals from all different walks of life and have taken the time to find out what has worked with them! Now you and your team can use this same information to go above and beyond!

Events and Coaching

Emotion is the driver of action- dreams and desires fuel the experience! Mystery and Hope captivate the mind. I help your audience take action live and in person, giving them experiences of a lifetime! Here are the

3 forms

of action I drive! >>>>

Mental Action

People need to mentally see how they can take action and live a better life. To drive this, I use some of the best mental frameworks and concepts that give people insight into their own potential as an individual or as a team. 

Physical Action

To hold people's attention and guarantee lasting memories of your event. It's important to get people to be physically involved in taking action. I routinely have the audience engage in the show by joining me in different exercises.

Emotional Action

I tell fun, engaging stories that pull on people's emotions getting them to invest in the message and remember every moment positively! 

Here is just a little of what could take you and your team to the next level!

1# Learn about altered states of consciousness

See the power of the human mind in action with live demonstrations! And learn how to be more aware of your own mind and its inner workings.

2# Learn about controlling attention and focus

Learn how magicians use your attention against you and how you can better manage your own attention!

3# Learn about mental frameworks

Learn how I develop my own mental frameworks and process for running my business and

and achieve my goals and intentions.

4# Learn about beating the odds

Lean how magicians use statistics to do the impossible and how this can be used to overcome unconventional problems or things that seem unlikely.

Which Do You Need?

Public Speaking
Move an audience to embrace you and your cause!
In-person Coaching
Learn the secrets of self-development and powerful leadership!