Why have corporate Entertainment?

Why settle for Less When you can settle for the Best

Here is a photo from working with Amazon Executives and Engineers at the Amazon Spheres!

>>>> Trade Shows <<<<

What If you could rub a magic lamp and instantly get more customers over at your booth, get them excited to buy, and leave them unable to forget your brand? I can do better than that. Why? Because I can do all that and more. For one, magic lamps can only grant 3 wishes. I, on the other hand, can grant more. I work with customers and clients one-on-one or in groups, using something more powerful than magic. Experience and science. I use techniques from top minds in sales, entertainment, and business to create the ultimate techniques in communication and lead generation. Don't believe me? Then why are you still reading? It's because I have caught your attention and I am already selling you on the Idea!

>>>> Corporate Parties and Events <<<<

Want to impress your share holders? Relax your executives? What about strengthen your team? Why not hire an entertainer that can speak their language, make you look like an exceptional event planner, and ensure premium service and ease of operations!

Grand Openings

When launching a business, a product, or a service you need people to know you're the best. So why not hire the best? Events need high energy and personal touch. Your potential clients need to feel special and they need to trust that you will provide what you claim. What better way than by making your opening one they will never forget? I align my message to inspire your clients, I show them how your business will help them achieve their true potential and live their best life! Just look at this review from a client that I helped.

Darion Huntley


9 months ago

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Taylor was great. We had him come out for an event for our apartment complex lease launch event. Highly professional and very responsive. Looking forward to having him out again.

Hypnotic Team Building

"The American Mystifier" is a one-of-a-kind hypno illusionist, teaching teams and groups how to unlock their subconscious minds to achieve higher focus, less stress, and extraordinary habit formation. You and your team will leave this event with a deeper understanding of the human mind and how it operates. It's time to empower yourself and those you work with.

Chris Royse


He was booked for our company. He was not a waste of time or money! His up in your face magic was fun and entertaining and he will hypnotize your boss! Book him and don’t worry about the rest he will make the magic happen! Good guy and great presentation. He also traveled pretty far out to us in almost Newport! So good all around and worth whatever he charges!

Photos from past events