Convention Entertainment Specialist

Why hire entertainment unless it's designed for your needs? Imagine having entertainment that makes your attendees feel personally connected to your convention's brand so they will look forward to coming back year after year! As a professional magician, not only can I provide world-class illusions, But I can provide them tailored with a message, your message! My unique brand of magic combines magic, comedy, and

When we work together, we can build up your event's reputation with fun videos that show your attendees having fun together at your event with close-up magic. When I perform close-up magic, I walk around your event meeting attendees and share incredible moments of magic that make them the stars. This is exactly why other conventions like yours have chosen to hire me for their event. With over 10 years of experience as a world-class corporate magician and hypnotist, my unique blend of magic, mentalism, and hypnosis is designed to connect with your audience! Here is how it works!

  1. I walk among the crowd at your convention and share magic with them up close in person.
  2. We get incredible video you can use to help build up content to promote your event in coming years.
  3. I provide incredible world-class stage illusions for larger stage events that build the credibility of your event and create an unforgettable experience for attendees.
  4. I work with you to offer sponsorship deals in the show to maximize your offers to your sponsors.

See magic that can be performed both close up and on stage!

When a convention hires world-class entertainment, they become a premium event in the minds of there audience. Nothing makes a convention stand out like the unique experiences it offers that show attendees that they come first. My brand of magic is not only entertaining but inspiring as well! I talk on the magic of dreams and imagination; nothing is more powerful! Without Edison's imagination and dream of the light bulb, our world would be a much darker place. So why not illuminate your event by imagining what it could be! After all, why else do people come to a convention except to dream of what could be? Oftentimes, a convention brings the greatest dreamers from any field of study together to use the incredible power of human imagination to advance the world forward. Now you can advance your convention to the next level!

Video of Vegas style illusions that will build your events credibility

With over 500 live events to my credit I have worked with companies like.....

Why my act is the best form of entertainment for a convention

My unique style not only includes comedy, storytelling, and music, but it also brings in the incredible elements of wonder and curiosity. Because I can also perform close-up magic by walking through the crowd, this allows me to bring an element of intimate, personalized experience that leaves your attendees with a positive experience they will never forget. This helps add to the larger stage shows that I custom designed to build your event's credibility as a high-class event. No other form of entertainment hits all of these different points at the same time. Not comedy, not music, not your average public speakers. Why settle for less when you can get the best? Just look at these reactions!

What It would look like to work together

Just imagine having a customized act fit to you and your team's needs so you can feel confidant about what your getting! When you book my services, we start by setting up a time for us to discover the perfect path to your event's success. We will begin by discovering the best way to incorporate your messaging and themes . Then we will move on to discussing how many individual shows you will need and the best format for each show, whether close-up or on stage. Finally, we will finalize billing, arrival, and working with your sound system. This will include details like moving my gear into the space on the day of the event, time of perfomances, and other logistics. Why settle for less, when you can settle for the best!

What I charge

Because I work with companies like Amazon, Indeed, and Starbucks, I charge what I know I will get paid. As a specialist in conventions and large-scale illusions, my prices typically range from $10,000 to $15,000 per event. This is due to my unique set of skills and high-quality service that come from my 11 years of experience working with events that have over 2,000 attendees. Let's raise the status of your event together and give your attendees the world-class experience they deserve!